Visit to the ‘Game of Thrones’ shooting locations in Spain

Just like a million others, I do watch Game of Thrones, & yes, I wanted to visit those unreal locations where the series is shot. This time, everything fell into place when we planned to visit Spain!

We visited Barcelona, Granada, Seville & Madrid in the month of April ( during the Easter vacation). While planning the trip, I did a bit of research to visit the filming locations of the Game of Thrones series. Around Barcelona is Samwell Tarly’s ancestral home as it appeared in Season 6. The palace is actually a private residence, ‘Castell de Santa Florentina‘ in the town of Canet de Mar in the Spanish region of Catalonia, a few kms drive from Barcelona & is also enroute Costa Brava. One can make a great road trip driving through these scenic landscapes.

(Here’s the link I referred while planning my trip)

We took a slight detour to visit the palace and drove to Canet de Mar to find the location CLOSED! We asked around at the town’s help desk, who told us that the owners usually do a private tour of their home on prior reservations. So in case you are planning to visit the place, do call them and book an appointment. It’s no point driving all the way otherwise, as you can see only the gate that leads to the property and not an inch of their home is visible from the street.

So, Location 2  was the Real Alcazar of Seville. We wanted to drive through the South of Spain, but since we had a time crunch, we had to take the train to reach faster. We reached Seville during the Holy week and the entire town was bustling with people who had gathered for the festivities. We stayed at Hotel Inglaterra, which is located at the main square & is at a walkable distance from the Real Alcazar.

To enter the Real Alcazar, was a queue that ran upto our hotel entrance! 😀 We were lucky to have booked the tickets and a guide well in advance, so we could beat the queue and enter on time. We met our guide the entrance and she took us around the palace and explained every room in great detail. Here’s a little something she told us about the actors during their shoot of season 6 at the location – The actor Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (Jaime Lannister) had to step out of the location for some reason and when he returned, to reenter into the palace, he had to purchase a ticket! This was actually because of the crowd outside & they did not want to attract any attention. But still, the actor actually held on his reel life’s family honour – “A Lannister always pays his debts“.

The scenes were actually shot in a private area of the palace which is not open to the public. But, the common areas are still approachable. Here’s the pic –



Moving on, the third location used in the series is Osuna, again near Seville. This is the fighting pits of Meereen. Unfortunately, we couldnt travel to Osuna to see the bull fight ring. Instead, we visited the Real Maestranza, The oldest bull fighting ring in Spain.

If you are GoT fan & want to visit these locations in Spain, it’s actually easy to plan a trip with these in your itinerary!


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