Hi there! I’m Pooja from Bangalore, India. I’m an Engineer by profession but have been passionate about art from the start. As a child, during summer vacations, I grew up looking at people learning drawing/painting from my mom, that’s where I picked up my interest I believe, more so, it does run in the family too!

I hadn’t travelled much until I finished college, but after , I went on to pursue a Masters degree in France. So, along with a lot of science, came a lot of inspiration for Art, food & fashion. I lived in Rouen, very close to Paris. So, the weekends meant a trip to Paris and a regular feed of ‘wow’ to the soul. I have visited most of India, Europe, South Africa, Egypt etc. and every city has left a mark or inspired me in a way.

The thought of penning down all the random ideas, experiences etc. was always at the back of my mind, and finally after ten odd years, here I am – with my personal blog space! I hope to make this page interesting to everyone visiting and am open to any suggestions to make this a better experience! So, don forget to shoot an email at any time 🙂